"Martial Artists are full of useful and also useless advice.

Yes, some of what people teach on Martial Arts and Self-Defence is useless, and this also includes some experts."

Martial Artists are full of useful and also useless advice.

Yes, some of what people teach on Martial Arts and Self-Defence is useless, and this also includes some experts.

So what is the one factor that makes people stand out as failing their self-defence students?

They underestimate their opponents.

And the worst of all the underestimations is not realising just how powerful some people punch!

In this article, we are going to have a reality check for you, and you MUST read this if you train in any form of self-defence.

Punching; Why You Need An Answer Most people have never encountered a seriously hard hitter.

Sure they may have seen a person hit the punch bag or pads hard, but it is rare to see a person with chilling power in their hands.

I know because I have seen on numerous occasions people with this power.

I have been a boxer for a long time and also worked as an official for pro boxing, working ringside at World Championship events.

And yes his boxers hit hard!

Despite this, it is the ‘street arena’ where I have seen the most chilling knockout power displayed.


Because in this arena the prey is often totally unprepared for what power is about to be unleashed on them and in the concrete arena people set out to destroy you with every punch.

Yes, this is a core difference.

Boxers rarely use all the power they have in a punch because they know loading up will drain them of energy. In the street, they or any other person does not have to worry about being ‘drained.’

This means that every shot is designed on destruction.

Now let us get back to reality with a little conversation about punching power.

Have you ever seen a street fight? Most either go one of a few ways.

First is the swinging arms and they never hit anything, the second is a one punch KO.

However most one punch KO’s are not based on power, they are as a result of a clean shot on an attacker who was unprepared/ very drunk.

It is when you witness ‘real power’ that you start to understand the difference.

So what is this like?

People who strike with incredible power are not all trained; some have power naturally, others were taught by friends and family.

But when they hit a person it is with speed and destructive ability.

It Is Game Over When You Are Out Cold I often see martial arts experts training on video and simply know that their techniques and students will ‘fold’ when placed against anyone with power.

It is not their fault, they just simply haven’t experienced ‘big hitters’.

I recall one night I was working as a policeman and I saw two men facing each other in a fight. As I approached one of them punched with such force that the other was out before he hit the ground.

Both were up for a fight, but one was totally out gunned.

The result was that surgery was required for a fractured jaw for the guy out cold.

But what would have happened if I had not been there?

He could have hit him, stamped on his head or even robbed him.

This is the issue with being knocked out. Even if the damage is minimal, you could bang your head seriously on the way to the ground, and you are unable to defend yourself if you are knocked out.

If the lights are not on, you can’t fight back!

How To Deal With Power Punchers If you end up in a street altercation with a bigger or power puncher, you have issues.

This is why Defence Lab has an inbuilt solution, and it is why I was attracted to it in the first place.

Cover Up To Win There are only two ways to deal with a power striker, either avoid the strike or block it/ absorb it.

Now you could block it with your face (not advised), or you could cover up and take the shot on your arms/ elbows.

I know what I would rather do, and this is where Defence Lab indeed earns its weight in gold.

Could You Pass The Mike Tyson Test? If you are struggling to imagine this situation; put yourself in the street, outside a bar, and you meet Mike Tyson.

For some reason, he takes a dislike against you, and he starts to fight you.

What are you going to do?

Now I know that some will say ‘I will take him to the ground’, but let us say he just landed the first shot and you are very dazed.

How are you going to get your ass out of this situation?

I know if you asked a seasoned Defence Lab student they would not even need to be asked because they would cover up with their shape-shifting ability.

Now I am not saying that they would win, this is Mike Tyson after all.

But they would have options because they can cover up and fight from that position.

Can you?

I always start with the Mike Tyson question with any student because some people hit so hard they will ‘rattle your ancestors’, and to you, that is your ‘Mike Tyson’ opponent.

Shape Shifting To Victory

We use shape shifting in Defence Lab primarily because it works well for multiple opponents, but it also works for one on one situations.

The ability to fight while covered up is incredibly useful and powerful. It is attack and defence in one package.

Now I know that a few ‘experts’ out there have criticised the shape-shifting element of DL, but it comes from instinct.

If you were to place them against Mike Tyson, they would cover up. This is a fact, but without the know-how of being able to fight back from that position, they would be waiting to be knocked out cold!

This is the reality of Defence Lab.

It is attack from defence and self-defence in action!

Cover up or get knocked out, but do not underestimate the fact that some people strike with chilling power when on the street!

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

If you interest to learn an effective modern self-protection system for the real world today with Defence Lab in Bangkok city Thailand. You can contact us here or click this link for the free trial training https://www.defencelabbangkok.com/free-trial-class

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