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Lead Instructor  Anthony Ryu

Lead Instructor Anthony Ryu is the first Defence Lab instructor in South East Asia, one of the most dedicated DNA practitioners and enthusiastic Defence Lab coaches in this region.

He trained under Andy Norman the founder of Defence Lab. 

Anthony Ryu has 19 years of continuous study in Martial Arts. His major focus has always been on practical and realistic Martial Arts that work on the street. And now he has something to say:

The only way to train for a street fight is train like you are in a real street fight.

Once everything escalates and their is no turning back, your mind and emotions need to be in balance. With our system during training you continually go over these scenarios, so your mind will be in control and your muscles react and you place yourself in the best possibility to come out on top and out of harms way. 

In real life there are no rules, no regulations and no referee. If you have trained in traditional martial arts or competitive martial arts that specialize in some particular range of fighting it might be good for the ring, good for your health, mind, spirit and great to look at, but it might not cut it if your life or your loved ones lives are on the line. 

 Imagine if you fall to the ground and 3 people come at you all at the same time punching, kicking and grabbing. What if there is a miscommunication between you and 4 other big guys and things escalate to violence? Would you feel confident in your abilities to deal with this situation?

Look at the world now today most of the criminals ready to take advantage of their victim or committ a crime like on the news on Facebook news feed this day. These are the main reasons that made them confidense to take action on their victim. 

1. They know how to Fight & threaten their victim

2. They have weapon, maybe knife and gun.

3. They have friend come along with them. 

4. They were successfully did it before or have been practiced their act like a serial killer. 

5. They are bigger and stronger than you.

6. They just ready to do! while you are not ready to defense.


So in order to escape, prevent and fight back you must have the right tools and the right mindset. 

Since MMA has become popular, people see and absorb these techniques from television and YouTube and have started to use it on the street. In the present day what you need is an advantage, a cutting edge tool to defend yourself and your loved ones from people who know how to fight!

Who knows what the guy has trained in that is sizing you up from across the bar? They might be a former kick boxing champion or a former military member who really understands how to hurt people!       

I am a martial artist with a JKD mindset. Before I found DL and DNA fight science,  I was looking for a great solution to deal with anything - True chaos, in the midst of a fight where you can't see or sense where the next hit is coming from, whether it is one guy or four guys who are striking, grabbing, clinching and trying their best to destroy you.

Most traditional martial arts base themselves on being able to see or sense any punch and any kick that comes your way at all times. They tend to focus on a step by step process or a type of chess match mindset of "if they do this, then you do that" or believe that muscle memory will always work on time and defend you from all possibilities. In reality you are not going to see every hit, every punch or be fast enough to catch or dodge every hit and if there is more than one guy you can be certain they will not show mercy or be fair and take turns hitting you.

 DNA fight science is the clear answer to defend against both multiple opponents and fight in a chaotic state when anything and everything is possible.

Defence Lab is not just only preparing you to fight, it is a scientific method that gives you the right psyche during combat, a proper strategy and the physical conditioning you need to get out of a serious situation. 

Even though I have tried my best to explain our system, there is only one way to truly understand what we are doing. Come and put it to the test, like we do every day with our continually evolving system, with a free class. Once you see, but more importantly, feel how this system works I promise you, you will feel much more confident if any situation arises.

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