Beginner Class - This is where you start your journey in Defence Lab.

You will learn the DNA style of basic street fighting and self-defense tactic for common self-defense situation along with concept and mindset in this DNA system to build your strong base for the higher skill level. All the lessons were proven and tested in the real combat situation. 

The training in the beginner level will take 3 months in minimum. (Minimum 8 hours a month and 24 hours in 3 months before move to the intermediate class.)


Intermediate - This is the main class in Defence Lab Bangkok for now. You will learn various application of combat technique for example you will learn combination of attack that also defense at the same time based on fundamental elements that you learn in Beginner class and Core Mechanic class, adding ballistic movement and dirty technique, linking all the techniques from each range of combat altogether, learn to fight and defense multiple attackers in 3 stages, Fight in chaotic state from different level of position and angle, learn how to transit from disadvantage position to better position while maintain the fight and defense at the same time. Learn various tactic to fight with different type of opponent and so on. All the training simulate the reality of scenario. (This class is for every practitioner who finished the 1st 3 months until the end of 2nd year of training.)  

Intermediate 1 on 1 - In this Intermediate class we will intensively focus on fighting 1 against 1 on street with no rule by DNA style of fighting yet mix with other element and technique from different martial art that work in reality and on the street. Even the training is mainly for 1 vs 1. We still fighting under the concept of 4 men box. basically it is DNA style of street MMA. If you want sparring this is a class for you.

The require level for this class is after finished the beginner class. 


Core Mechanic - Or the Architectural Framework & Primal reaction. In this class you will see the unseen detail of each core mechanic and movement in DNA fight Science. Some little detail can change the quality of your fight.

And once you mastered the core mechanic you can start to think and fight in the DNA style by your own. Yet this is a good place for you to come back and check your fighting structure.

This class is for beginner and all levels.  

Advanced Tactic - Or Weekly Investigation. Advanced Tactic Class is not only for Advanced Level of practitioner but for all Intermediate level of practitioner up to Advanced Level (3rd Year and 4th Year of training) In this class we will update new technique and tactic straight from the DL World HQ every week. Learn new creative tactic outside of the main curriculum. Arm and upgrade your DNA arsenal with new technology of combat.


Special Promotion for February 2018  

1) Come 2 - 3 people only ฿ 6,000 for 1 Month Unlimited Access.

2) Only Beginner Class ฿ 3,000 for 1 Month Unlimited Access.

Group Class

Private Class

Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment


- You also can make appointment for the private session and first group class here. 

- Ask any question about training and package.


Pay at the school or by Bank transfer.

Bangkok Bank 920-7-02568-6 Account Name : Prach Jitroongruangchai

* Please take a photo of the payment receipt and send it to the email "" * Please pay the tuition fee in the first session of the month. 

Real skill takes time to develop and a minimum of at least 3 Months is necessary to develop a realistic starting base.Ask around and look around and you will see we are one of the most honest and realistic Martial Arts schools around. If your looking for SPORT MMA or Sport Grappling this is “NOT” the school for you.If your looking for Self Defence that works against the realities of “Street Violence & Real Crime” this is the place for you! Our training is 100% Safe, Fun and Effective.  Due to the nature of our material – We DO NOT Teach small Children, practitioner must be over 10 year + for kid class and 14 year + for adult class. Our Training Classes run in 3 Month Training Incriments which we call “Grade Blocks”.There are 4 Grade Blocks every year and 16 Grade Blocks from White Grade to Black Belt (4 Years)
Our Training Classes run in 3 Month Training Incriments which we call “Grade Blocks”. There are 4 Grade Blocks every year (16 Grade Blocks from White Belt to Black Belt).These are used only to track your progress, as your real measure of skill is “Your Fighting Ability Under Stress” NOT a Belt, Rank or Certificate!


Students who join our school must join for a minimum of 3 Months or 24 hours in order to have a rank test.
As Real skill takes time to develop, and a minimum of at least 3 Months is necessary to develop any realistic skill base.


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