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Defence Lab is global network of self-defence and fitness training facilities.

And now we have training center in Bangkok city Thailand!


The main adult program that we teach at DL is called

        "The DNA fight system"

The program is concentrates on developing practical and funtional resolution to violent street altercations; it also has an inbuilt fitness regime and of course an element of fun!!  

Defence Lab Bangkok, Thailand

TEAM & Instructors.

Lead Instructor Anthony Ryu

Lead Instructor Anthony Ryu is the first Thai Defence Lab member, one of the most dedicated DNA practioner and enthusiastic Defence Lab coach.

He has trained under Lead instructor John Leabo and Mike Simon in Defence Lab Lynbrook New York. And advised directly by the founder of Defence Lab, Andy Norman. 


Anthony Ryu has over 17 years of continuous study of Martial Arts. His major focus has always been on practical and realistic Martial Arts that work on the street. And now he has something to say



You only can fight in the way that you train.

You can easily control your mentality and emotion under the sircumstance that you familiar with.


In real situation of life and death there is no rule, no regulation and no limitation in action. If you know a traditonal martial art, a sport Martial Art that specialize in some particular range of fighting it might be good for the ring and competition, good for your health, mind, spirit and good for showing off but it might not enought to use it as a self protection tool in various serious situation.


Imagine when you fall to the ground and 3 people come to crunch and kick at you, How do you deal with that kind of situation? Imagine when you are in the middle of 4 big men by accident.  


Look at the world now today most of the bad guys who committed a crime with their victim on the news on Facebook pages today they have confidence to do it because

1. They know how to Fight & threaten the victim

2. They have weapon, maybe knife and gun.

3. They have friend come along with them. 

4. They were successfully did it before or have been practiced it before like as a serial killer. 

5. They are bigger and stronger than you.

6. They just ready to do!!! And maybe from your blind side.


So in order to escape, prevent and fight back you must have a better tool and better mindset. 

Since MMA became a pop culture. People see and absorbed the way of fighting from television so almost everybody who love violent know how to fight now. In the present day what you need is an advanced cutting edge tool to defenfe yourself and your love one from people who know how to fight!

Who knows the bad guy you will meet might be a former kick boxing champion or a former military member who know a serious realistic self defence tactic!       



I am a martial artist with the JKD mindset. Before i found DL and DNA fight science, what i was looking for is the great resolution to deal with the full blow hit - chaotic state, the mist of fight when you can not see or sense the direction of the hit at a moment when one or two guy keep throwing puches at you.

Most of traditonal martial arts's fighting hypothesis were based on you can see or sense any punch and any kick that coming to your way all the time like as "if they do this then you do that." or believe that the muscles memory form will work in time. In reality you are not going to see every hit, every punch or fast enough to catch or dodge every hit and for sure if there is more than one guys, one of them might throw some hit from the blind side.  


DNA fight science is the clear answer for both multiple opponent defence and fighting in the chaotic state when you have no time for stop hit, preparation, seeking a bridge, footwork, jab and faking as in fence state and boxing state that you can trading bom around.

Come to see me and i'll show you how to fight in that state and the other, word can not explain enough."    


Defence Lab is not just only prepare you the fighting skills with scientific method but also give you the psychological side for combat, fighting strategy along with physical conditioning. 

Instructor Ryan Tayamora

Ryan Tayamora from Phillipine is one of the first student of Lead instructor Anthony Ryu since he opened Defence Lab Thailand. Prior to DL, Ryan has 15 years of study in different martial arts systems like boxing, combative aikido and has continues interest to specialize in Kali -an indigenous fighting arts originated from the Philippines.


I believe that every person has the right to defend himself and to preserve the life of those around him, and so in choosing for a martial arts to study one should consider a system that is applicable in the streets and a system that will expose you to the worst possible scenario.


Violence is all around us wherever we go, It is our duty to equip ourselves with the right skills and mindset so in a moment we need it, we know already how to act and to react. How would you deal with three to four people's punches and kicks flying at you all at the same time?


 Defence lab training has a capacity to transform each of us to become a confident and awesome individuals. In every training session, we as instructors will be there to facilitate on discovering your full potential and to help you to translate your human INSTINCTS into a life saving self defense skill.


As the saying goes" you can only fight, the way you are trained". Scenarios, multiple attacks and using defensive move as an offensive move at the same time are few of those many things we can bring to your table. The system has been carefully studied and continuesly reviewed and being used of top martial artist around the world. Defence Lab is a great way to keep you in fighting form and a chance to be around with positive and like-minded people.


Ryan and the rest of the Bangkok crew is here to guide you as you start your Defence Lab journey. Welcome Aboard.



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